Why Open Cloud

In recent years a portion of the European population and (finally) Governments started realising that we are dependent on services and technologies owned by a handful of non-European corporations which control both the tools and the data generated by all of us. As demonstrated by the Snowden scandal and before then by the Echelon Affair that level of control on data exposes all of us to abuses of our data, to industrial espionage and political interferences which result in suboptimal levels of democracy.

Open Cloud is a project that aims to present some of the Open Source, ethical and Privacy friendly platforms available with the scope of creating awareness and help individuals taking back control of their data.

The platforms hosted on Open Cloud are a very small selection of what is available as free to use Open Source software, they are all hosted in secure data centres in Luxembourg and are free of third parties tracking.

It's all managed by volunteers so bear with us while we fine tune the platforms and scale up operations.